Non Electrical Compliance

ATEX and DSEAR are not electrical regulations, they detail the expectations on running a facility with potentially explosive atmospheres; this includes everything from people on site, the facilities, and all the equipment used. One of the aspects that is still a large topic of discussion is ‘Non Electrical’ compliance.

During the last decade, the governing bodies have allowed for an interim period to enable a transition from EX electrical compliance to EX Electrical and non-electrical compliance and now the regulators are looking for demonstrable progress.

CSI are at the forefront in helping clients demonstrate compliance to the non-electrical aspects for explosion protection and can assist throughout the process. We have adapted our experience in electrical inspection and maintenance to provide the most cost effective approach for inspecting Non-Electrical ATEX certified equipment under the IEC 80079 series of standards or by completing an ignition assessment for all equipment installed prior to the instigation of the current standard.

The system used provides clear and concise results identifying key areas that require attention and offers improvements to guide you towards compliance.